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INVASION is a 2017 Daytime Emmy winner for "Outstanding Interactive". From the director of Madagascar and narrated by Ethan Hawke, comes a colorful VR story about Mac and Cheez, two bumbling aliens with grand ambitions to take over the world. Instead, they are thwarted by two adorable bunnies...

#1 downloaded VR experience across the universe.


Official selection of the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.


Premiering at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, JACK is the latest VR immersive theater piece from Baobab Studios and Mathias Chelebourg.  Exclusive to Tribeca, JACK is Baobab's newest VR animation.  Step into a re-imagined fairytale world and enjoy a unique, visionary VR experience.


Full Episode is now available!

Watch quirky aliens Mac, Cheez (ft Elizabeth Banks) and their sidekick robot Peas (ft Ingrid Nilsen) as they traverse the challenges of space...

Official selection of 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Get a sneak peak of ASTEROIDS!


From the director of MadagascarINVASION! (Tribeca 2016), and ASTEROIDS!  (Sundance 2017) comes Baobab Studio's latest visionary VR animation. The carefree forest animals imagine spring will last forever. However, winter comes and the animals soon realize that their lives are in danger. What they need is a hero; what they need is Crow: The Legend. 




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