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Come work with industry veterans from top game and film companies such as DreamWorks, Disney, Pixar, ILM, Electronic Arts, and Blizzard. 

We are located in Redwood Shores, CA. 
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FX Developer

Looking for a creative self starter who will design and implement a wide range of visual effects for both characters and environments, and who will thrive in a fast paced VR startup environment.

  • Develop and build effects systems for real time experience in VR
  • Design particle and fluid simulations to create stunning effects
  • Collaborate with graphics engineers to utilize proprietary effects systems
  • Create tools and scripts to facilitate workflow
  • Collaborate with creative leadership to design and integrate effects elements
  • Design, implement, and maintain tools for a new VR production pipeline

  • Experience
  • Demo reel of previous effects work
  • 3+ years experience as a vfx artist / developer in film, commercials or AAA video games
  • Strong visual eye for animation, lighting and integration of effects elements
  • Knowledge of Python or other scripting languages including game scripting languages
  • Knowledge of C++
  • Understanding of HLSL or GLSL
  • Experience creating effects in Unity and Unreal or other real time engines
  • Profile and optimize effects systems ensuring performance within constraints of real time rendering
  • Knowledge of Maya, Realflow, Houdini or other effects software

  • Senior Render Engineer

    Contribute to the architectural design, implementation and debugging of real-time rendering systems and technology on multiple VR platforms. The Rendering Engineer will collaborate with designers, artists and other engineers to solve complex graphics issues to help fulfill the creative vision and technical requirements for the studio. This position interacts directly with all disciplines of the development team. Qualified candidates need to be self-starters, possess strong leadership and communication skills, operate efficiently in a highly dynamic environment, and have accurate execution when facing tight deadlines.

  • Execute on rendering features that satisfy the studio’s creative vision
  • Design, write, debug, and refine rendering systems, features, tools, and infrastructure
  • Research and implement state of the art real-time rendering techniques
  • Identify, profile, and optimize rendering issues across multiple platforms
  • Ensure rendering standards throughout submission process to various hardware and content providers
  • Deep understanding of modern rendering techniques including PBR and non-photorealistic rendering
  • Develop leading edge rendering techniques that set industry VR standards
  • Inspire and mentor junior members of the team

  • Experience
  • Bachelors or masters degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Contributed extensively to the development of two or more shipped games on PC, console, or mobile
  • Experience with C++, C#, x86 assembly including SSE and AVX
  • Proficient in HLSL or GLSL
  • Proficient with 3D math including linear algebra (vectors and matrices)
  • Proficiency in data structures, algorithms, performance, and multi-threaded programming techniques
  • Profile and performance tuning of rendering code, using tools such as Nsight or Razor GPU
  • Ability to quickly understand and work with internally and externally developed code
  • Experience researching, developing, and optimizing (CPU/GPU) rendering techniques and systems on multiple platforms
  • Experience with developing art & content pipelines / workflows.
  • Familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio and Perforce a plus

  • Sys Admin / IT

    Work with industry veterans from film and games to create high-quality, story-driven VR animation. looking for a creative self starter who will specify, implement, and maintain computer and network infrastructure for a growing studio. The successful candidate will provide technical support for a wide range of users with differing levels of expertise and will thrive in a fast-paced start up environment.


    Responsible for Windows & Linux/Unix systems administration, including system installation and configuration, and installing third-party software on production systems:

  • Assist in the design, deployment and maintenance of systems in a network/distributed-computing environment
  • Implement and document system enhancements that will improve the reliability and performance of the system
  • Alert management to potential problems and respond to emergency events.
  • Document all processes, procedures and operations for both internal needs and end users when required
  • Act as a liaison with outside systems vendors to obtain service and support for production systems
  • Assist in the design, deployment and maintenance of the backup infrastructure and participate in disaster recovery planning
  • Conduct data restore requests when needed.
  • Participate in periodic off-hours downtime performing upgrades, installations, etc.
  • Write scripts in at least one administrative language
  • Operational management of computer network and related environments including developer machines, internal servers, network hardware, and application software
  • Coordinate the architecture, installation, configuration, tracking, and support for all hardware in the studio
  • Ensure reliable studio operation of development hardware as well as email, bug tracking, revision control, VPN, and other office software
  • Maintain, develop, and implement policies for data backups, disaster recovery, and security to ensure data protection and maximize uptime
  • Monitor performance and stability of computer systems, networks, and software services as well as diagnosing problems and replacing defective components
  • Research, recommend, and implement new processes and technology to optimize network and desktop performance to accommodate growth in the studio
  • Manage software licenses and installs
  • Manage user accounts across internal and external services

  • Experience
  • BS/CS and 3 years hands-on experience with Windows & Linux systems administration
  • MCSE certification a plus
  • Programming skills in administrative languages and shell scripting is required
  • Knowledge and exposure to cloud computing platforms such as Heroku, Digital Ocean, or AWS is a plus
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
  • Professional and friendly service oriented demeanor with co-workers and customers
  • Self-motivated energetic team player who can work alongside others to maximize team performance
  • Solid decision-making, problem solving, and organizational skills
  • Must be willing to carry a phone and participate in an on-call rotation
  • Ability to lift up to 40 lbs required